What Crypto, the Metaverse, Web3, and the Bored Ape Yacht Club portend for the future of your business

Source: The Bored Ape Yacht Club

1) have an optional exchange value
2) gave us speed of optionality.

This tell us that we don’t care as much about real value alone, as we care about optionality. The minute we forget this, we ripen to the perverse incentive of creating representative value ONLY, and even more dangerously, to building a disassociated layer of optionality (i.e, coins, crypto) that ignores the existing substrate of real value upon which that optionality operates (i.e., the environment, our oceans, our forests, the air we breathe — for goodness sake, the cows!).

Source: Google

Organization of environmental resources

by human capabilities

to clothe, shelter, feed,

protect, inform,

and accommodate the initiatives + transport needs

enables you to offer ‘life support’

for ‘x’ number of forward days

for ‘x’ number of people

vis-á-vis at hand ‘artifacts’ + consumable goods.

Source: Google
Source: The Bored Ape Yacht Club

“If you build a virtual reality that isn’t caring for the real reality underneath, you are building a disassociated layer that will ignore the existing substrate. This is not an inherently humane system.

If a virtual reality does not depend on the actual people having real, healthy, embodied experiences, and a real healthy democracy beneath the virtual embodiment you are creating, it is neither a humane nor robust system.

If we are virtualizing everything without securing the foundational substrates upon which the virtual worlds work, we are designing into our systems the highest degrees of fragility.”— Tristan Harris, The Center for Humane Technology

Why is this relevant to a workforce newsletter? Because the lines of latitude between “work” and “life” are rapidly narrowing. And I do not mean that in the “WFH” sense. We are experiencing a rapid acceleration and ephemeralization of our economic and social systems which causes everything to merge. In a spiritual sense, we perhaps get closer to the touted “oneness,” but in a secular sense, we get dangerously close to systemic cascade phenomena where the catastrophic risk / failure axiom is no longer local (isolated, contained failure), but global.

Source: The Center for Humane Technology



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Marisa Leigh Valente

Marisa Leigh Valente

is the founder of The Center for Modern Workforce Strategy.